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Featuring Project Stop and recording for the UTI, OCP, & Skin Condition forms [as per State eligibility]


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Benefits of MedAdvisor Essentials

Project Stop

With Project Stop integration, pharmacies can comply with mandatory record-keeping obligations for pseudoephedrine sales. 

UTI, OCP, & Skin Condition forms [as per State eligibility]

Offer the improved accessibility of healthcare services by delivering and recording Urinary Tract Infection consultations.

Access Health Services Hub – Manufacturer programs​

Access additional revenue streams through education programs from 3rd party funded program.

MedAdvisor Academy​

In-depth training available for all staff to learn at their own pace, in their own time.


Helpful guides to get started

Project Stop User Guide

Here is a carefully curated Project STOP User Guide to help you through the whole integration. It has step-by-step instructions to help you stay on track.

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UTI, OCP, & Skin Condition forms [as per State eligibility]

Learn how to use the UTI, OCP & Skin Condition forms available individually for pharmacies as per State eligibility in the MedAdvisor software.

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We have noticed a significant growth with the number of customers and overall script dispensing volumes - resulting in higher financial revenues. Our dispensary workflow has improved too, so we can now focus on dispensing orders during quieter periods.”

- Mina, pharmacist, VIC

MedAdvisor is wonderful for both our patients and pharmacy business. Our overall script retention numbers have increased, and our patients have been very happy with the service…as they feel less pressure in managing their medications.” 

- Michelle, pharmacist, South East QLD

MedAdvisor has been great; it has enabled us to retain patients where otherwise we may have lost them. It has provided us with a competitive difference.” 

- Luke, pharmacist, VIC

MedAdvisor empowers our patients to be more informed about what scripts they have on file, and increases medication compliance. It helps manage their prescriptions in a clear and simple program…and helps them take their medications more accurately and reduce medication-related errors.”

- Sara, pharmacist in Watervale VIC

MedAdvisor provides a means to maintain your current customer base and significantly expand with an effective interactive service..  It also helps to increase your overall script orders which increases pharmacy revenue.

The MedAdvisor App is a point of difference from our competitors."

- Melissa, Pharmasave, Kilsyth, VIC

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