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For pharmacies wanting to accelerate their business

Features included with all plans

MedAdvisor App 

A free to consumer medication management solution via app, SMS, web, email 

Record Professional Services

Easy to identify, deliver and record services including 7CPA for patients using one platform. 

Vaccination Program

End-to-end vaccination solution includes online bookings, vaccination recording forms, AIR submission, and more.

Booking Calendar

Customers can easily make bookings for the services you offer from the MedAdvisor App or website based on your availability


First mobile application to connect GPs, pharmacists and patients with eScripts across Australia

In app payment

Accept and process payments from in app orders

Customer Verification

Customers can sign up remotely without an activation code, reducing the burden on staff to sign up customers in store 


Manage all your deliveries including app orders, SMS, phone and DAA and nursing home orders. 

Health Services Hub

Access additional revenue streams through education programs from 3rd party funded program

Script Owing

Use PlusOne to send owing or last repeat script requests to doctors 

Business Insights

Review adherence and loyalty insights with reporting dashboards

MedAdvisor Academy

In-depth training modules available for staff to up learn at their own pace
Trusted by over 70% of Australian pharmacies

*Additional charges

  • In App Payments: 22c per transaction plus 1.6% of the gross value of the transaction (inclusive of GST)
  • SMS fee per message: 0-500 = 16c | 501-1000= 14c | 1001+ 12c. SMS fees are based on the number of standard characters per message (sent per month):
    - if a SMS contains 160 standard characters, or less, the charge is one fee
    - if a SMS contains more than 160 standard characters, the charge is one fee for each group of 153 standard characters, or part thereof
  • Script Owing Requests: 0-30 = Free | 31-100= 7c | 101-500 = 6c | 501+ = 5c, based on per script, and number of requests per month
  • Scheduled Technical Service charges:
    - Additional terminal install $49 per terminal
    - Client relocation/reinstall $99
    - Dispense system change $299
  • Custom Pharmacy Training Webinar (45min) $100
  • White label fees (price on application)
  • Unless otherwise specified all prices stated are exclusive of GST