Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Understand how to use the Communications feature in PlusOne
  • Identify differences between app and SMS messaging in Communications

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Drive more people to your pharmacy with targeted SMS messages
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Frequently Asked Questions

To send a group App message through the Communications tab, select which customers you would like to send this to. You can select 'All Patients', 'Select Patients', "Patients taking Medicine in Category' or 'Patients taking specific active ingredient(s)'

If there are a large amount of customers selected then the messages can take 15-20 minutes to send completely. 

Select a pre-filled template, or create a new message.

Click submit and the message will send to all selected customers.

To send an SMS message through Communications, you first need to create a group of customers in Manage Customers. 

To create this group select 'add group' under the SMS Patient Groups tab in Manage Customers. You are able to name the group and select the correct customers, then save the group.

Once the group is created go back to the Communications tab and either write a message or select a template, select the group and click 'Send SMS'. 

You will be warned if the system detects that the same message has previously been sent to a selected customer.