Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Enable delivery at your pharmacy
  • Understand how a customer requests delivery in the app
  • Be able to process a delivery request from a customer, in PlusOne
  • Understand how to use the Manage Deliveries feature
  • Understand how to process manual deliveries (SMS, phone, DAA and Nursing Home deliveries)

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Available Lessons

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The improvements I've seen in the pharmacy's productivity are awesome!"
Louise, Pharmacy Manager at Capital Chemist Southlands

Frequently Asked Questions

Kings collects and delivers order on the same day, if booked before 12pm midday.
Orders are collected and delivered between 1pm-6pm.

Kings notifications will be sent to your pharmacy email address that has been provided to MedAdvisor. If you need to change this email address please contact Support. 

1) Completely confidential so the contents cannot be viewed through the outer packaging

2) Sealed so that the parcel cannot be opened

3) Tamper proof

4) Clearly labelled with a pharmacy dispensary label, with the following customers details typed:

a. First name

b. Surname

c. Address

d. Contact number (if required)

Pharmacies must ensure the correct items are placed into the parcel before sealing and checking the customer details on the label. Both the driver and the service provider take no responsibility for incorrect items placed into the parcel by the pharmacy. The driver will never open the parcel. If a parcel is recalled by the pharmacy, an additional return charge may be incurred by the pharmacy.