Health Services Hub

Health Services Hub 

Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify where to find and invite eligible customers for the 7CPA services, and other professional services
  • Locate the Pharmacist Flu Program and identify how to invite customers to receive a flu vaccination
  • Identify how to invite customers to download the MedAdvisor app using SMS activate
  • Understand the benefits of digital adherence messaging

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Available Lessons

The lessons below are available. If they are transparent that is because you don't have access to the lesson module yet.

To complete the course, enter each module from the left hand menu. After viewing all the modules in the course, finish the course by completing the quiz from the left-hand menu.
If you get any of the questions wrong, you can start the quiz again. Once successfully passed you will receive a MedAdvisor certificate sent direct to your email.
Important: When you have completed each quiz, click on the MedAdvisor logo
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Frequently Asked Questions

All emails are free of charge, SMS does incur a cost to the pharmacy. Please see costs below:

Standard SMS costs are*:

0-500 = $0.16
501-1000= $0.14
1001+ = $0.12

*Calculated monthly


Potential revenue is calculated based on 7CPA remuneration as well as revenue. If you set up the price in each service, then this price will be used to calculate the potential revenue e.g. if you set the price as $10 for Dose Administration Aids, this will be calculated in potential revenue.

To customise the wording for any of the templates provided in Health Services Hub programs simply click on the customise option located above the message.