Record Services

Record Services in PlusOne

Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify where to record professional services in PlusOne
  • Perform and record professional services including 7CPA and monitoring services in PlusOne 
  • Generate reports for professional service claiming

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Frequently Asked Questions

All recorded services (completed as well as drafts) can be located in under the Consultation History within Patient Details. This can be accessed by searching for the customer in Record Services and selecting them. To view a previously recorded service, double click the service. 

In Record Services, select a customer and within the patient details select the Medication List tab. To print the list, select ‘Medication Summary’ and unselect any medications which you don’t want to appear on the medication list. Select create medication summary to open the summary document which will allow you to print the medication list. 

Multiple blood pressure recordings can be printed and provided to the patient via searching for the patient and selecting them. Select the Monitoring tab, Monitoring Type (e.g. Blood Pressure) and date range. This will generate a report of the blood pressure results recorded in PlusOne, for the specified date range, as well as a graph displaying the results. To print the report, select ‘Generate Monitoring Report’ and print.