Request Scripts 

Request Scripts 

Learning Objectives

By completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the functionality of the Request Scripts feature in PlusOne
  • Perform an import of doctors in Manage Prescribers
  • Perform an import of scripts in Request Scripts ​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your scripts have sent they will move into the ‘Sent Requests’ tab. As long as you can see them in sent requests you can be sure they have sent.  

To check if they have been downloaded check the column marked ‘Status’. It will say ‘Confirmed’ if they have been downloaded, otherwise it will just say ‘Sent’. 

There are a few things to check before contacting to Medadvisor Support:

  • Check for the Dr in Manage Prescribers if they are active.
  • Check if they have valid Email address and set to transport method as WEB.
  • If other transport methods, Check if they have correct Fax number and set to transport method as PRINT.
  • Check for the patients favourite provider in the dispense software, if they are set to a different Dr. as to what you are importing in PlusOne.
  • Check in other tabs : most of the time they will be in a different tab and the user has not looked into. Check the script is actually owing/no-repeat/last-repeat in dispense.

The last repeat/no repeat setting in PlusOne's Script Owing means that any scripts that are on their last repeat or have no repeats will be imported from dispense. This means that scripts can be sent before they become owings, saving time in future for both the pharmacy and the doctor.