Staff Policy Modules

These training modules are to be completed by all MedAdvisor staff members


Available Lessons

MedAdvisor is committed to providing a work environment in which all employees feel that they are valued, treated fairly, and are given recognition for their contribution to the Company’s success. We also aim to provide an environment that fosters effective ways of working and good working
partnerships through the day to day focus of our values – Innovation, Collaboration, Can Do and Courage.

These policies support our commitment, provide guidance, and apply to all employees of MedAdvisor. These policies also apply to all board members, contractors, and subcontractors. MedAdvisor will keep all policies current and relevant and from time to time it will be necessary to modify and add some sections of the policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Acceptable Use Policy provides guidance around the appropriate use of Company assets.

Unplug from the network immediately and call I.T support

Extremely. A strong information security program protects our customers, their patients, our company, and our jobs.