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“Technology is not to be feared; it is only to be understood.” Carolina Varela Rodríguez

MedAdvisor's pharmacy solution is just like another helping hand in your pharmacy, PlusOne helps you deliver a better customer experience. The suite of tools builds customer relationships, improves medication management, increases adherence and can improve the pharmacy revenue. The training courses have been designed on features and functionality of the app and PlusOne to help you understand and confidently encourage customers to digitally connect to your pharmacy.

Dry Skin & Eczema NEW
Sun Protection AVAILABLE
Acne Management Available

Acne Management

An accredited CPD activity for pharmacists. Learn More
Sign Up Customers Available

Sign Up Customers

Customers can be signed up to MedAdvisor by APP, SMS, Email, Landline and Script Tracker. 

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Record Services Available

Record Services

With over 22 Pharmacy Professional Services it's easier than ever to identify, deliver and record services for patients, eliminating the need to use any other Professional Service recording system.

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Request Scripts Available

Request Scripts

The popular Request Scripts (formerly referred to as Script Owing) feature is the most effective way to minimise the number of owing scripts for nursing home and DAA patients. 

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Health Services Hub Available

Health Services Hub

MedAdvisor's Health Services Hub allows you to identify and invite customers for professional services available in the pharmacy. The Health Services Hub also includes features such as SMS Activate, Flu program and information pertaining to our exclusive Digital Adherence Programs (DAPs). 

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Communications Available


The communications feature allows you to communicate with your customers via APP notifications, Email and SMS either individually or in bulk, predefined groups. 

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Features Training

MedAdvisor are always improving and adding to our software, when a new feature is released you'll be supported with training


Manage all your deliveries, including App orders, SMS orders, phone orders, DAA deliveries and nursing home deliveries in the one place

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Flu Program

The Pharmacist Flu Program allows you to identify and invite patients for flu vaccinations. All vaccinations can be recorded in PlusOne with automatic submission to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). 

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In-app Payment

MedAdvisor's in-app payment feature allows patients to order and pay for prescription, OTC and NDSS items in advance. 

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Customer Verification

Customers can connect to their pharmacy from the comfort of their couch 

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Watch our webinars on demand

Our webinars show how MedAdvisor can support your pharmacy and customers by providing insight into industry changes, showcasing tech developments and helping you make the most of our products.