Tokens are a streamlined and secure way to rollout ePrescribing

May 01, 2020

MedAdvisor supports the use of digital solutions to provide patients with convenience, access and choice.

With the rise of telehealth during this COVID-19 Pandemic, prescribers have needed to send digital images of scripts directly to pharmacies via fax or email, which adds significant administrative burden for both prescribers and pharmacies, and poses the risk of prescribers channelling patients to specific pharmacies.

The introduction of ePrescriptions will solve these issues and put the control back in the patient’s hands.

‘Tokens’ represent a simple and secure way for patients to receive and manage their ePrescriptions, and can be made available within 1-2 months. These have been actively worked on by industry working groups and the Government to ensure they meet the appropriate privacy and security standards. They are also the backbone of the Active Script List and therefore necessary.

From a patient perspective, tokens are similar to paper scripts but accessed digitally via SMS, email or mobile application, thereby minimising the risk of confusion and medication misadventure. The Tokens can be uploaded into a consumer App, such as MedAdvisor and then organised in a script wallet that can be easily sent right to a pharmacy’s dispensing workflow. This removes faxes, emails and other disruptive processes that pharmacists are currently experiencing with digital image dispensing.

For pharmacists, processing of tokens will be similar to paper scripts, meaning minimal change and disruption to current workflows.

MedAdvisor acknowledges that tokens and Active Script List (ASL) will eventually co-exist, however, there are many privacy and security considerations for ASL and a significant amount of workforce training, planning and testing required before it will become available. MedAdvisor is keen to support these initiatives and ensure the appropriate diligence is put in to ensure peoples’ privacy and security expectations are met.


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