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Say goodbye to forgetting your medication with our intuitive medication management app.

Manage your medication and stay connected to your pharmacy with our free app.

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Why You Need a Medication Reminder App

Explore the features loved and relied on by more than 3 million Australians.

Improved Medication Adherence

Reminder alerts improve medication adherence, reducing missed or incorrect doses and enhancing overall health outcomes.

Avoidance of Medication Errors

Timely reminders minimize medication errors, preventing double doses, skipped doses, and wrong timing.

Enhanced Convenience

Get reminders on your smartphone or other devices to take your medications, even when you're busy or on the go.

Peace of Mind

Dosage reminders bring peace of mind by ensuring accurate adherence to prescribed treatment plans, alleviating anxiety and stress from managing multiple medications or complex dosing schedules.

Streamlined Prescription Management

Get dosage reminders and order repeat prescriptions with MedAdvisor to easily manage your medication.

Carer Mode

Set reminders for loved ones to never miss medication doses, promoting adherence and overall well-being for both caregivers and those under their care.

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How to make the most of your dosage reminders?

Set medication reminders easily by adding a new alarm in the 'Daily alarms' section of the MedAdvisor app.

Name the alert, schedule a time, and link it to your medication.

The reminder will come as a push notification at the set time.

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If you have any further questions, please contact us on Support.

We're always happy to help. Our support team is available Monday to Friday, 9AM–5PM (AEST).

Having the MedAdvisor app on my phone has just taken away any angst and concern that I had beforehand. It does all the thinking for me.” 

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Brooke, Stroke Survivor and
MedAdvisor User

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"This app is a must-have for those that take regular medication. The tap-to-order function is a godsend!! And the reminders are great when a dosage has changed. 5 stars."

- Ruth S, Android App User

"No need to ever wait in queues to order meds. I love this system as I can place an order in the morning and it is ready to pick up on the same day."

- David Crennan, Android App User

"Simply no words can describe the ease of use and functionality of this application. Thank you for producing such a program that is light years ahead of any other! 5 stars from me!!!"

- Emily Hum, Android App User

"It just make keeping track and ordering your meds so so much easier. There's no need to sort through all your paper prescriptions & repeats anymore!"

- Gillian_troubat, Apple App User

"This app has helps me to manage my medications. I was forever forgetting to take medicines and running out and getting stuck. This never happens any more. I'm very grateful. Thank you"

- Saskatoon James, Apple App User

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