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Poor adherence to medication is a huge problem.

And we know how hard it is for pharmaceutical companies to communicate with people directly.  See how we help.



More than 9 million Australians take a prescribed medicine every day.


50% of Australians live with a chronic illness. 


Non-adherence to medication costs over US$600 billion in lost revenue.

Health Education Program

Education Programs

Improve health outcomes by directly reaching specific people with advice and support that’s relevant to their unique health concerns and treatment needs.

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Pharmacist - Health Programs

Pharmacy-led Programs 

Work with a network of over 95% of Australian pharmacies to deliver education, support and advice to people who need it most via their trusted pharmacist.

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clinical trial recruitment

Custom Programs

Whether you are looking for people for your clinical trial recruitment or surveys or want to educate pharmacists. Our unique opt-in database and network of pharmacies could be a perfect fit.

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Industry partners


95% more adherent

Following a 12 month digital adherence program, a major pharma company saw that MedAdvisor patients were over 95% more adherent to their respiratory medication, compared with patients not using MedAdvisor.

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Adherence to asthma medication
Medication Education Programs

How many people could you reach?

Our education services can help you send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.  We only partner with companies whose purpose is to provide useful, relevant information aimed at supporting positive health outcomes.

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