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Pharmacy Webinar Support 

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Live Webinars

Get Started with MedAdvisor Webinar

Attend the next Get Started webinar to enhance your knowledge and confidence on how to use the MedAdvisor & PlusOne platform. Register Now

Sign Up App Webinar - Masterclass 

The 30-minute session is designed to help and encourage pharmacies on how to sign up customers to the MedAdvisor app. Register Now

Record Services Webinar

This 30-minute webinar session will give you an overview of how to record services in MedAdvisor. Register Now

Calendar Set Up Webinar

This 30-minute session on setting up your calendar in MedAdvisor to book and record vaccinations. Register Now


Webinars on Demand

Watch our on-demand webinars that covers a wide range of topics including vaccinations, signing up customers and more.

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Custom Pharmacy Webinar

Make a booking for a webinar session exclusively for your pharmacy staff to accelerate your business. One free session in included for pharmacies with a premium subscription. 

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