A guide to prescription delivery services

March 29, 2023

Struggling to find time to pick up your medication?

It's no wonder that many people feel overwhelmed with daily tasks, such as managing finances or picking up medication, when over 80% of Australians report feeling busy and short on time. 

Luckily, technology can offer easy support to help you complete these tasks so that automating daily hassles such as picking up medication is simple and can streamline your day!

With that, if you don’t want something as important as your health to fall to the bottom of your to-do list, prescription delivery services can bring your meds to you in a seamless, stress-free process. 

How? Well, this is where prescription delivery services, like MedAdvisor’s, come in.

A guide to our prescription delivery services

With the growing shift in automation across industries, an online prescription delivery service is the logical next step. We regularly order food, attend classes and complete our banking from our phones – why should ordering and having our medications delivered remain stuck in the past?

There are a growing number of online services offering prescription delivery services across the country, (and the world!), and MedAdvisor is one of them! 

In fact, research estimates that the prescription delivery services market is set to see a compound annual growth rate of nearly 18% growth from 2022 to 2030. 

These services allow customers to choose their favourite pharmacy, select the medication they require all from the comfort of their couch or workplace. Customers can refill scripts and receive prescription medications or order off-the-shelf medicines and supplies just as if they were physically shopping in the pharmacy.

Apps such as MedAdvisor facilitate these deliveries, helping customers like you who can’t come into a pharmacy – or simply don’t have the time – still get their medication on time and never miss a dose.

What is a prescription delivery service? 

If you are wondering what exactly a prescription delivery service is, well, we’re glad you asked! 

Prescription delivery services make accessing medication easier for patients by delivering medications directly to their door.

This saves patients valuable time and energy and is an important part of medication accessibility, especially for people managing chronic illnesses or who live in remote areas.

Ultimately, though, the goal of prescription delivery services is to bring the customer experience of the pharmacy into the digital age. 

Delivery services, as you can imagine, were hugely important during COVID because they let people access their medications while adhering to social distancing measures. In fact, a lot of innovation happened in the pharmacy industry during the pandemic. 

The MedAdvisor app now offers home delivery for prescription orders, providing customers with a seamless experience and eliminating the need to physically visit the pharmacy.

How do MedAdvisor’s prescription deliveries work? 

Requesting a prescription delivery service is simple using MedAdvisor’s app as an example.

Step 1: To get started with using MedAdvisor's prescription delivery service, download the app on your mobile device or directly create an account here.
Download the App

Step 2: 
Once downloaded, create an account and select the medications you need to reorder, add NDSS items if required and any over the counter items to your cart.. Once you’re done, select “Checkout.”
Step 3: 
2 (2)
From there, a summary of your selected items will appear. Once you’ve confirmed your list of items, select “Next.”
Step 4:
3 (1)
You’ll be prompted to select either “Pickup” – if you’re wanting to pick up your medication from your favourite pharmacy, or “Delivery” – for those of you hoping to get your items sent to you. Select “Delivery.”
Step 5:
4 (1)
Enter your delivery address details.
Step 6:
5 (1)
From there, enter credit card details.
Step 7:
6 (1)
To finalise your order, select “Place Order,” and your medications are on its way!



What to look out for when using a prescription delivery service?

The best prescription delivery services will provide clear and comprehensive support to their customers. When getting started with prescription delivery services, there are a few key things to look out for. Look for a service that: 

  • Walks you through the sign-up process in a clear and easy-to-follow way.
  • Provides a wide selection of pharmacies to choose from.
  • Is clearly committed to supporting your health and saving time.
  • Offers the necessary medication and amounts that you need.
  • Allows you to pay in advance to avoid hassle on delivery.
  • Provides a reasonable timeframe for delivery.
Look for solutions that guide you through the process and deliver results. Again, using our award-winning platform as an example, we support customers throughout their medication journey with automated script refill reminders, medication management features, medication information and convenient home delivery options, completely adapted to your lifestyle.

Prescription delivery services offer the best of both worlds, supporting local pharmacies with your business while making your life easier. And online prescription delivery services let you access your medication whenever you need it without adding another step to your busy day.
"This would have to be the best free app on the market. It’s just so easy to use. I used to get into such a mess with my prescriptions, at one point I even lost one – but with this app/service, the chemist keeps my scrips in the store on file ... I never have to worry about them again."

Kriss G.
MedAdvisor app user


Health is vital; in our digital era, accessing the medications you need to stay healthy should be stress-free. With MedAdvisor, it can be.

Try for yourself & download the app for free today!

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