Can You Get a Flu Shot While Sick?

May 24, 2024

Getting your flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the most prevalent strains of influenza this winter. However, flu season is in full swing, as is winter and all the other sicknesses it brings. So, what happens if you get sick before your flu shot? Can you still get a flu shot when you are sick? And will getting the flu shot make you sicker?

What is the Flu Shot?

The flu shot is a deactivated or weakened form of the influenza virus. When injected into the body, the immune system recognises the influenza virus.  This triggers intricate immune responses, which you might notice as mild fever, fatigue and aches.  

The result is that you build up antibodies to fight against influenza. If your body is later exposed to the actual virus, you will either avoid infection or, if you do still get infected, you will not get so sick.

If You Have a Cold, Should You Wait to Get Your Flu Shot?

In general, getting a flu shot is safe when you have a mild illness, but it is recommended to wait if your illness is moderate to severe. Let’s break this down.

It is also strongly suggested to postpone your flu shot if you have

  1.  Severe diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. A productive cough, one with phlegm
  4. Severe fatigue
  5. Body aches

If you are unsure if your symptoms are mild or moderate and need further advice about whether you should postpone your flu shot, ask your health provider.

  • What Happens if I Get My Flu Shot While Sick?
    If you have early cold or flu symptoms or mild symptoms of another illness, your flu shot recovery should be the same as that of someone who was feeling 100% well when they got their flu shot.

    However, if you have moderate to severe symptoms of illness and get your flu shot, it will likely slow your recovery as your immune system will be trying to do two things at once. Moreover, having the flu shot when you have moderate to severe illness may make your flu shot less effective. So, waiting until you are fully recovered is key! 

Ready to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones and the Community Against the Flu This Season?

Have you read this and know you are good to go? That's great. Now, let’s help you get ready for your flu shot.

Here’s How You Can Prepare Before Your Flu Shot

Where to Get Your Flu Shot?

Flu shots are available from healthcare providers and, in some states and territories, your local pharmacies.  To find your nearest flu shot provider, click here.  Then, book your flu shot with ease using the MedAdvisor App.

Download now for free to schedule your flu shot and order and manage medication from your phone.

Where Can I Learn More About the Flu Shot?

Do you still have questions or want to know more? Click below for more information on the flu, the flu shot, and getting vaccinated.




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