Rattle Ya’ Bones Day with Musculoskeletal Australia and MedAdvisor

Dani Li
October 28, 2021

Help make invisible musculoskeletal conditions visible on October 31st for Rattle Ya’ Bones Day with Musculoskeletal Australia and MedAdvisor.

What are musculoskeletal conditions?

Musculoskeletal conditions involve pain that may affect bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, bursae and/or tendons. The pain can be acute (sudden and severe) or it can be chronic (long-lasting). Depending on the condition, the pain may be localised around one area of your body, or it may affect your entire body.

Because musculoskeletal conditions are internal structural conditions, many patients feel as if their pain and suffering is invisible, which is why, in many instances, mental health issues and musculoskeletal conditions come together.

In a report published by the Australian Institute of Health and Wellness (AIHW), it extrapolated the instances of comorbidity explaining that

Musculoskeletal conditions have a profound impact on quality of life and wellbeing, due to acute and chronic pain, physical limitations, management of comorbidities and mental health problems. This can result in withdrawal from social, community and occupational activities.”

There are over 150 different types of musculoskeletal conditions. Some of the most common conditions are arthritis, gout fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and back pain. These conditions affect people of all ages and backgrounds.

What's the impact?

Did you know that seven million Australians have musculoskeletal conditions? It could be your neighbour, your friend or a family member, but because the condition is not visibly detectable, you may never know.

In MSK’s 2020 National Consumer Survey, a whopping 93% of respondents said their condition has negatively impacted their lives.

57% wanted affordable treatment options and services and 46% wanted more government support specifically for the ongoing cost of treatment.

Musculoskeletal patients are crying out for help and for visibility, so it’s time we shine a light on these invisible conditions and make these visible.

You can help make an impact and show people with musculoskeletal conditions that they're not alone by celebrating Rattle Ya’ Bones Day with Musculoskeletal Australia (MSK) on October 31. You can raise awareness and make these invisible conditions visible.

How can you help?

To raise awareness within our community around musculoskeletal conditions, MedAdvisor is helping MSK to spread the word about Rattle Ya' Bones Day, a National Awareness Day for all muscle, bone and joint conditions, on Sunday, October 31, 2021.

MSK is asking everyone to get involved in Rattle Ya' Bones Day by doing either of the following:

  1. Post a short video of yourself letting others know where people can access free information and support and that they are supporting the day;
  2. Participate in the Rattle Ya' Bones Challenge to help build awareness about muscle, bone, and joint conditions.

The top three winners of the Rattle Ya’ Bones Challenge also win amazing prizes, from a photo booth to a spa day to a meal to a gift card!

For more information and support, visit your local pharmacy or call the Free National MSK Help Line on 1800 263 265.

How can MedAdvisor help if you have musculoskeletal conditions?

The last thing you want to worry about while living with a musculoskeletal condition is managing, remembering and ordering your medications.

MedAdvisor simplifies these tasks so you don’t have to worry about it.

Simply download the app, choose your local pharmacy, upload your prescription and have your medication delivered. No more worrying about refilling your prescriptions or organising your medical information because MedAdvisor can do that for you.

And, the best part? The app is entirely free!

With MedAdvisor, you can easily manage your medication so you can get back to living.

Download MedAdvisor

Download the App and stay connected to your local pharmacy. Control your medication so you can get back to living. And it's entirely free.

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