MedAdvisor's Commitment to World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 22, 2024

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a global initiative that promotes workplace safety and health. At MedAdvisor, we dedicate ourselves to creating a safe and healthy work environment.  We promote physical and mental well-being, from encouraging our staff to check in with one another to formal initiatives. We believe that improving community health starts with making our employees and customers happy and healthy.

So, what are we doing?  Why do we believe it is important? And how can you get involved in recognising and supporting World Day for Safety and Health 2024 within your workplace and local community?

Our Initiatives for Workplace Safety and Health

MedAdvisor supports our staff’s workplace safety and health in many ways. We have a formal employee assistance program and a range of well-being programs and resources employees can access via our online portal. We also encourage employees to check in with one another, reminding them of the power of collective support on community health and well-being.  

1. R U OK?

We have all heard of R U OK Day. It's a national day encouraging us to start meaningful conversations with those around us to help people feel supported and connected.

The average Australian worker spends about seven to eight hours a day at work but only five hours a day socialising and engaging with their community. So, chances are, their colleagues will be the first to notice when a team member seems out of sorts.

To ensure our team members feel supported on tough days, we encourage them to check in with each other. They can start open conversations about mental health and build support and connections at work by asking the simple question – R U OK?

2. Employee Assist Programme

Through our EAP programme, we offer short-term professional counselling. It's there to support staff through personal or work problems, in person or via phone. Free, confidential support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all our staff. Are counsellors are non-judgemental and unbiased, offering staff a friendly and supportive environment.  They provide mental health support, assistance, and resources to employees facing personal or work-related problems such as: 

  • Relationship and family problems
  • Alcohol/drug/gambling dependency
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Anxiety, depression, stress, self-doubt
  •  Personal or workplace trauma
  • Work-related stress and anxiety
  • Changes at home/work
  • Financial and legal worries
  • Career assessment and guidance on interpersonal conflict
  • Parenting concerns

3. Well Being Programmes and Resources

Our employee portal and workplace initiatives provide our staff with various ways to enhance their workplace safety and health.  

  •       Mid-day breaks

One initiative to improve workplace safety and health is promoting all our employees to take mid-day breaks away from the desk. We encourage them to move their bodies, get a dose of vitamin D, take a mindful moment, and eat a nourishing meal. This is our simple yet effective way of enhancing workplace safety and health, not to mention boosting staff productivity, happiness, and overall work experience.

  •     Health Advocates

Health Advocates provide unlimited, confidential access to resources to help resolve Med Advisor employee's health and wellness issues.  Via our employee portal, staff can register for an account, download an app, and receive personalised recommendations and support for their health and wellness from a dedicated health consultant.

  •     Brain Health Guide

Our brain health guide empowers our employees to explore mental health support options. It walks them through the process step-by-step, from common warning signs of a possible mental health problem to when to seek help, how to start the process, what to expect, and how to discuss their situation with us, their employer.

World Day for Safety and Health

The International Labour Organization has observed World Day for Safety and Health at Work since 2003, and other organisations, including the United Nations and Safe Work Australia, now support this cause.

Why? Because last year in Australia alone, 195 workers were fatally injured at work, a statistic that hones on the importance of this international campaign to raise awareness of workplace safety and health among trade unions, employers, organisations and government representatives alike.

Together, these organisations can help reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries worldwide by shifting culture to one that prevents deaths, injuries and diseases in the workplace.  Together, they can ensure workers remain healthy and well, returning safely to their homes at the end of the working day. 

Why MedAdvisor is an Advocate of Workplace Safety Programs

At MedAdvisor, we believe every worker has the right to a safe and healthy workplace.  And the benefits of getting workplace safety and health programmes right don’t stop there. Proactive workplace safety and health strategies ensure

We advocate that all workplaces focus on the safety and health of their staff, reaping these benefits not just on World Safety and Health at Work Day 2024 but all year round. After all, a positive working environment where health and wellness thrive is one step towards overall community health.

Get Involved: Support World Safety Day

On World Day for Safety & Health at Work 2024, take a moment to look at what you are doing to promote a positive work environment. An environment that keeps your employees safe, healthy and well.

Please take a moment to come together and pay respect to those who have lost their lives to work by attending a virtual Worker’s Day memorial event. Or consider holding an event to raise awareness about the importance of health and safety in the workplace and promote World Day for Safety & Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day.

Join us at MedAdvisor to promote recognition of the importance of health and safety in the workplace as a step towards the health of our wider community.

Hear directly from a MedAdvisor user, Brooke who is a stroke survivor on why she uses MedAdvisor & how it has benefitted her immensely.


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