How to Set Custom Medication Reminders

March 13, 2018

For more complicated medications or dosing regimes, MedAdvisor allows you to create custom reminders.

This means that you can set reminders to occur at irregular times such as on different days of the week, every second day, once per month, or once per year.

To create a custom reminder, simply:

1. Go to the Take-My-Meds screen
2. Tap on Add and fill in the required information fields. This includes:

  • Label: The name of the alert, e.g. Heart Medication
  • Days: The schedule (on which days) the alert occurs.
    Note: The options for scheduling varies depending on whether you are using an Android or iOs device. See the scheduling types below.
  • Time: The time of the alert.
  • Linked Medicines: What medications you'd like linked to the reminder.

3. Tap Save 


Custom TMM Reminders.png


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