MedAdvisor acquires Adheris to accelerate the development of global medication adherence solutions

November 12, 2020

We established MedAdvisor to improve medication non-adherence, one of the largest addressable global health issues.

That mission is one we have never wavered from. And it’s why MedAdvisor will soon acquire US-based medication adherence company Adheris from Syneos Health. The acquisition is transformative for us, catapulting MedAdvisor into a global leadership position for medication adherence. Our US network alone will expand to 180m+ patients (or 1 in 2 Americans), 25k+ pharmacies, 57% of prescriptions in the US, and a network of 618k prescribers (60% in total).

But we haven’t forgotten where we came from. Founded in Australia, and with a growing presence across the UK and Asia, we remain committed to our existing markets.

This acquisition will help us develop more offerings to help improve medication adherence across the world.

Adheris has strong, long term relationships with many of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies - working with them through a suite of products which are powered by data and analytics to help engage patients and health care providers.

These products include:
• Patient inOffice - used to directly communicate with a doctor within their workflow. Brands can deliver information via prescriber messaging, in a naturally occurring flow within the e-prescribing platform. Messages are delivered once a drug is selected and at specialty HCP sign-in, to notify of changes.
• Patient inPharmacy - used to engage the patient at the moment of dispensing by leveraging advanced dispense integrations and access through 25K pharmacies.
• Patient inHome - used to engage the patient at home via direct mail. This product improves adherence with supportive education and resources delivered to a patient’s home on behalf of their pharmacist.
• Patient inMotion - a new product built in conjunction with MedAdvisor and Adheris, this is a purely digital offering which securely messages patients via text to enable timely, targeted communications. Based on patient response data, we can refine campaigns to further drive adherence. The first pilot went live in June 2020 and has since been expanded.

We’re very excited to combine the excellent Adheris team with the MedAdvisor family. Their knowhow and market knowledge will help accelerate the development of medication adherence solutions for all our customers.

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