“I’ve had over 50 operations and I’m still not giving up.”

June 28, 2017

At the tender age of 13, my life was turned up-side down. I went from being an active and healthy (pain in the butt) teenager to becoming someone who was restricted and scared after having a major stroke.

While I have grown and matured beyond my years due to this experience, the stroke has left me with a physical disability and more medical issues than anyone would expect at my age. Since the stroke, I have been diagnosed with a Mitral Heart Valve Prolapse, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Reactive Hypoglycaemia, Lymphademia of the right leg, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Reflux and Postural Hypotension.

Because of these diagnoses, I have had over 50 operations to help better my health, including a Hysterectomy. The decision to operate has never been taken lightly. I have always looked at the pros and cons of every procedure and while some decisions have been very difficult to make, I have done what I believe is best for me.

Fatigue is something that I battle with on a daily basis, so it has been extremely important that I am well organised when it comes to my medications and appointments. Relying on the support of technology to help me, such as MedAdvisor, has been able to give me the access I need to stay on top of my medications, regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

Despite my fatigue, I continue to push myself to keep up every day with the daily tasks of living, having a social life, working and studying. To date, I have completed a Double degree in Social Work/Public Relations, an Advanced Diploma in Counselling (Grief and Loss), a Cert III in Education (students with special needs) and I am currently studying a Diploma of Healthcare Documentation. I continue to seek knowledge and learn from every experience I encounter.

While every day brings a certain level of uncertainty, I know for sure that I am one lucky woman. I strongly believe that bad days do not last forever, and my better days are just around the corner.

Brooke Parsons

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