"We've only just started to scratch the surface of smart technology in healthcare & I wanted to be a part of it."

November 30, 2017

At MedAdvisor, we are extremely fortunate to have a number of amazing individuals who relentlessly innovate every day to improve convenience and access to healthcare through the technology we create.

Today, we shine the spotlight on our Head of Sales & Marketing, Theo Antonopoulos. 

Why did you want to join MedAdvisor?

Our daily lives have been transformed by smart technology. With the click of a button, we can send or receive money, order food or transportation; and our preferences are far better targeted to simplify our lives and give us a better user experience.

We have only just started to scratch the surface of smart technology in the healthcare industry and I wanted to be a part of it.

MedAdvisor is a relentless innovator, focused on bringing convenience and access to people by connecting them with their primary health caregivers through the use of tech. The challenges to achieving our purpose are immense, however, with the interventions across the healthcare sector I have encountered throughout my professional and personal life, I am very passionate to work and shape our organisation to address some of these challenges. I seek opportunities to connect the disparate aspects of our healthcare system.

What’s a typical day like at MedAdvisor for you?

Working in an agile environment, precipitated with a strong can-do attitude means we are constantly trading off choices, almost on a daily basis. With any new organisation, there are so many opportunities, yet not enough time and resources to implement. A challenge many organisations at our life-cycle experience, I’m sure. Being focused and aligned is critical for us to stay on our overarching path.

From a practical perspective, each day brings plenty of stand-ups and those dreaded meetings (I try to keep them as short as possible).

And your favourite part of the day would be?

I do enjoy the banter amongst the team as to what we plan to eat each day! Our physical location affords us some wonderful options, so we are spoiled for choice.

Stand-ups are another favourite, where we allow each team member to share progress against our key initiatives. Having group discussions in real-time is both time-effective and provides clarity and focus for all.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

It would have to be seeing our enterprise-wide objectives, whether it be a new service or product offering, being delivered. It instills a strong sense of achievement and each one either addresses a challenge or creates an opportunity for not only our users but also other key stakeholders.

And the most challenging?

Like all start-up organisations, there is always so much to do and keeping us all focused and aligned with what we want to achieve can, at times, be challenging. The energy and drive amongst the entire business is infectious yet we need to balance this by keeping ourselves disciplined.

We are very fortunate to have an experienced senior leadership team who are helping to guide and protect us as we go on our journey.

What are you most looking forward to over the next year with MedAdvisor?

Continuing to impact people’s lives in such a positive way. We have thousands of real-life ambassadors out there who love sharing their stores with us, and they all inspire me and our staff. I look forward to helping more Australians and hopefully others globally, experience the benefits that our platform can provide.

And finally, a few quick questions before you get back to those stand-ups…

Favourite MedAdvisor Feature? CarerMode.
Favourite Tech Device? My son bought me some Bluetooth speakers and I love them. Nothing too expensive but it’s the little things that mean the most.
Number of apps on your phone? I lost count after 60.
Three things you can’t live without? My morning coffee (strong latte, half sugar); kisses and cuddles from my kids (I know it won’t last forever, so I’m building up the credits for when it’s not ‘cool’ anymore); and keeping active, whether that be team sport or the gym.
Favourite saying? “Go slow to go fast.”



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