5 Unbelievably Easy Tips For Busy Mums to Keep Fit

February 14, 2018

Written by Claire Troy. 

Being a fit mummy will provide you with more energy to play with your kids and complete all your daily tasks. But finding the time to exercise as a busy mum with a never-ending to-do list is quite a challenge.

So how does a busy mum find time to get fit and complete her to do list?

Well, the best way to get fit is through incidental exercise, which means incorporating physical activity into the time you spend with your kids and go about your day.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate incidental exercise into your day:

1. Power Cleaning
Get that vacuum ready, put the mop in the bucket, tie your hair up and ready, set, go! Power clean your way through the house in just 1 hour. You don’t get a rest break and there’s no time to answer a call, because its exercise cleaning time. Sweep the counters, wash the floors, put the toys away and make the beds as fast as you can!

2. Far Far Far Away Parking
Cars can make us lazy because they give us the opportunity to park only a few meters away from our destination. Instead, try parking your car at least a 10-minute walk away from your destination, that gives you 20 minute of exercise round trip. This way you can burn some extra calories on your way to the cinema, the playground, kinder or the supermarket.

3. Carry That Shopping
Unless you are carrying a basket of canned goods, then you should always try to carry your shopping bags back to the car. This is a great arm workout and the faster you walk, the more calories you will burn. Think of the trolley as cheating!

4. The Playground Workout
The perfect time to exercise is when the kids are playing at the playground. Get the kids involves and play some games with them that involve running around or playing tag. Kids have endless energy so some playground games will definitely get you huffing and puffing. Otherwise, playgrounds always have some great structures that you can use to exercise. Use the benches for step ups, the slide for push-ups, the bars for chin-ups and the field for sprints.

5. Active TV Time
When the kids are plonked quietly in front of the TV watching cartoons, you should do a workout. Use the lounge room space to keep an eye on the kids and do some sit ups, push ups, squats, lunges and anything else you can think of. You can also use this time to bend and stretch away the tensions of the day.

As you can see, you do not need to take time away from your kids and your busy schedule to exercise. There are many ways to incorporate incidental exercise into your day. Get the kids involved and not only you will become fit and healthy, but they will too!



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